So last month, this wonderful short film exploded across social media. If you have not had the pleasure of watching Eugene Peterson and Bono discuss the Psalms, do so now. The story of how the two men came into each others' lives is an incredible testament to the power of faith and art. Their conversation is also an incredibly valuable, edifying, entertaining exchange. The 21-minute investment of time is worth it for what you will get out of this film.

 Andrew Peterson's tweet.

Andrew Peterson's tweet.

Following the release of the Bono/Peterson exchange, Andrew Peterson (follower of Jesus and creator of music, books, and films) tweeted, "I get where Bono is coming from, but the fact is, there's TONS of honest art by Christians. Lots of it. It just isn't mainstream."

I do not want to expound on or dissect on Bono's comment (as Andrew Peterson did that brilliantly here). What I do want to do is share a few pieces by some honest Christian artists who are, as A.P. put it, "working away in the shadow of what’s popular, using their gifts to season their communities with honest and beautiful art."

Josh Garrels

Josh Garrels is an independent singer-songwriter who crafts his music in his very own home. He was Christianity Today's 2011 artist of the year. Slip Away by Josh Garrels is a beautiful song of confession and repentance. It's a plea for forgiveness. If this isn't heart-bared honesty, I do not know what is.

Slip Away by Josh Garrels
Hold on, before I slip away
The flames gone, dark I am afraid
How strong, is flesh and blood
I cannot, can take back what I’ve done
To you, my sweetest friend
I betrayed you, I walked away again
Now all that’s left, is what might have been
Please forgive me, before we reach the end
Hold on, before I slip away
My loves gone cold, I’ve gone astray
How strong, is flesh and blood
I cannot take back what I’ve done

Zach Winters

I was introduced to the music of Zach Winters by a mutual friend. I had no idea that Zach was creating such beautiful songs in our shared city of Norman, OK. His album Monarch was "Recorded at The Winters House in the side guest room between October 2013 and July 2014, with some additional recording at The Bonner House." His song No Answers captures and haunts my imagination from beginning to end.

No Answers by Zach Winters
There are no answers in the pages
Endless lines where we wait
And our hands plow the furrows
Sketching lines on our face
And I long for you
down roads they’d walk me through
But I have grown tired,
tired of endless guessing
My love, I look for you
There are no answers in these pages
Only lines where we wait
And I stuff my ears to listen
Close my eyes to your gaze
Do I cast my lots with all,
all I have known?
Do I refuse the call
that brings me back home?
And I’ve tossed and turned upon these questions
I’ve piled like stones to throw
I raise my arm, you raise the invitation:
To be loved is to know

David DelaGardelle

David DelaGardelle of Cedarlore Forge is a full-time swordsmith and illustrator. He is creating some of the most incredible pieces of mythopoeic, high-fantasy weapons as well as historically-accurate, handmade swords. If you don't believe me, check out David's Instagram. Also, be sure to check out his website and blog, He Breaks the Cedars (yes, he writes as well!).

 David DelaGardelle and Andy Davis built  Heimdall's Sword  for the Marvel Studios film  Thor.

David DelaGardelle and Andy Davis built Heimdall's Sword for the Marvel Studios film Thor.


If you were unaware of these honest, Christian artists and their work, please support them and share their work across social media. If you were aware of them - please, do the same! Who are some of your favorite under-the-radar, Christ-following artists?