For the next twelve months, our themes at A|C will be rotating with the seasons. This winter we’ll explore the devastating consequences of man's leap and the Fall. In the spring, Redemption will be our song, and next summer we’ll write, paint, sculpt and speak about the coming Restoration of all things. But all things must have their beginning somewhere, and this autumn the doctrine of Creation provides our starting point.

Though it doesn’t quite feel like it outside yet, autumn is just coming into view on the horizon. The days are getting shorter and school is starting back. It’s a season of new beginnings, and soon the weather will turn a little milder, and more people will be out to enjoy the outdoors before the cold inevitably arrives. And so our theme for this season will be Creation.

The scriptures tell us we were created to create. God made us, and then showed us what to do with ourselves. Cultivate the garden. Shepherd the animals. “Watch me,” he said, “and do as I do.” For the next few months you can expect several variations on this melody.

In the Roles series, we’ll watch the dance of the Trinity as they move through the first days of earth. Echoes of Eden shine through iconic films of the last century in Peace.” Think your next project needs videoed? In A Veritable Feast or a Boiled Hot Dog,” an experienced producer will teach us a few things about this dynamic, robust medium—and then try to talk us out of using it.

Finally, in Glory | Beauty | Good,” we’ll look over God’s shoulder as he puts man in the garden and shows him what to do there. In its sequels, we’ll attempt to secure that doctrine to the purpose of the arts, and specifically our goals here at Advancement Creative.

Outside the written word, we’ll have the monthly A|C Podcasts, a piano solo, a spoken word performance, and a video short to round out our first full season.

Hope you can join us.


Curtis is a writer, media strategist, and editor at A|C. He hates Tolkien and Lewis books and only likes reading non-fiction. Curtis and his wife Emily have four boys, Damon, Luke, Cameron, and Henry.

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