Here at Advancement Creative, we have made it our mission to advance the Kingdom through creativity. We want to glorify God in all that we do. One way we accomplish that is by encouraging other believers in their creative endeavors. We also achieve this goal by writing articles on a variety of creative topics, by producing videos and podcasts, and meeting regularly to critique one another's works-in-progress.

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We have been planning some exciting things for the coming months and seasons. Our editor Curtis summed it up best in his "Letter from the Editor":

For the next twelve months, our themes at A|C will be rotating with the seasons. This winter we’ll explore the devastating consequences of man's leap and the Fall. In the spring, Redemption will be our song, and next summer we’ll write, paint, sculpt and speak about the coming Restoration of all things. But all things must have their beginning somewhere, and this autumn the doctrine of Creation provides our starting point.

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Adam is one of the founding members of A|C. He is a bookkeeper-by-day and artist-by-night. His secret weapon is an eBow and it is said he never goes anywhere without one.. Adam and his wife Sherise have three children, Elijah, Amelie, and Liam.