The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork
-Psalm 19:1

For the next twelve months, our themes at A|C will be rotating with the seasons. This winter we’ll explore the devastating consequences of man's leap and the Fall. In the spring, Redemption will be our song, and next summer we’ll write, paint, speak and sing about the coming Restoration of all things. But all things must have their beginning somewhere, and this autumn the doctrine of Creation provides our starting point.

The scriptures tell us we were created to create. God made us, and then showed us what to do with ourselves. Cultivate the garden. Shepherd the animals. “Watch me,” he said, “and do as I do.” For the next few months you can expect several variations on this melody.

This month at A|C we will continue contemplating God’s creative work and its myriad implications. In part two of “Roles,” Grady Lynn takes a look at what the Christ was doing during that first dawn. In “Please Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full,” Don Gordoni will take us into the creative trenches of designing sound for video. In part two of "Glory|Beauty|Good," Curtis will elaborate on A|C’s mission, taking up what it means to make things for the glory of God.

Outside the written word, we’ll have the monthly A|C Podcast and our first music video.

Hope you can join us.