The man.

The woman.

She and him. 

They and God. 

Like God; with God; creator and creature in perfect fellowship. 

And yet...

A snake in the grass.

A command disobeyed. 

A relationship broken.

A leap toward godhood that fell short and sent us, and creation itself, into a tailspin that hasn't stopped yet. 

. . .

We've spent the last few months meditating on the creation and its implications, from spiders, to songwriting, to time machines, to rest, and now we arrive at our second theme—Fall.

Frankly, the valley ahead is not one we've been looking forward to. But if we are to embrace reality, to be artists who look at darkness and attempt to pierce it, we must first explore, endure, feel and make it felt. We must grasp the gravity of sin, the tragedy of brokenness, and the ghastly horror of death.

So let us march forth through Dystopia. The tales this path holds are haunting, but on the other side lies Redemption.

Grady will continue the Roles series, and we’ll watch how the Trinity work through man to make promises and weave a more and more confounding and complex melody through the discord. Adam will help us understand why creators seem to eventually loathe their creations. Don will talk about criticism—good and bad, how to give and how to take. Curtis will unpack a post-modern pop song and try to uncover what it reveals about the idols of our age. 

Outside the written word we’ll have our first poem, some original photography, and a new single from A. Christopher Oxsen.

Hope you can join us.

Curtis is a writer, media strategist, and editor at A|C. He can't stand Tolkien, loves Lewis, and wants to be Chesterton. Curtis and his wife Emily have four boys, Damon, Luke, Cameron, and Henry.