Welcome to Season 1, Episode 7 of the Advancement Creative podcast. This podcast features Adam (aka A. Christopher Oxsen) reading his piece from this week's blog entitled Get Yourself Out of the Way.


For a few years now, a group of writers and artists, working in a wide range of genres and styles, have been meeting monthly at my office. Generally, we break bread, drink coffee and tea, and discuss one another's creative endeavors. Advancement Creative is a safe place to get feedback and gain others' insights about one's work-in-progress. The Inklings-inspired collective is bound together by a shared faith in Jesus Christ; a pursuit of individual and communal growth in creativity, productivity, and personal output; and, not least of these, lasting friendship among members.


Adam is the writer of two childrens' books The Shepherd and the Giant and David & Goliath. He is also the writer and producer of The Personal, the Historic, the Cosmic, his debut music album. Adam is the director and producer of The Gunslingers (released by Lionsgate).